Monday, 7 December 2015

4 Key Autumn/Winter Makeup Trends by MAC

The weather may be getting colder and the days getting shorter but not to worry as you can heat up your makeup with these seasons’ trends courtesy of MAC! With four to choose from there’s something for everybody whether you’re the type to go for effortless and natural or you prefer something a little more dramatic 

Trend One: Strength of Beauty
Think fresh skin, natural earthy colours and products which define your features but don’t change them. The power of a soft contour on the cheekbones and eyes is subtle yet effective. Why not try using a pencil or eyeshadow in black or brown to define the lash line, without having to go for a harsh liner? Strength of beauty means enhancing your natural features with a little help of makeup!

Eyes: Anastasia Beverly Hills- Amrezy Palette | Lips: MAC (for full details see Instagram profile:

Trend Two: Beautiful and Damned
On the opposite end of the spectrum comes a trend which makes a statement within itself. If you feel daring go for a razor sharp black lip and for those of you who enjoy doing your eyes, now’s the time to bring out the bold eyeliner! Think punk attitude with black elements. To make this more wearable why not go for a dark purple shade? Either way you’ll definitely be bringing fierceness with your makeup this season. 

Eyes: Anastasia Beverly Hills- Amrezy palette | Lips: MAC (for full details see Instagram profile:

Trend Three: Red 70’s
Everybody loves a red lip and this Autumn/Winter it’s all about choosing between a bricky orange red and a dark warm lip. It can add life to any simple outfit and is the best way to have your makeup go from day time to evening in one simple step! Keep this look effective by keeping the eyes simple with soft browns or a light shimmer for the party season. So choose your shade, put on your best red and show off that pout! 

Eyes: Anastasia Beverly Hills- Amrezy palette | Lips: MAC (for full details see Instagram profile:

Trend Four: Love Worn
You know that look your eye makeup has when you’ve woken up from a night out? Well keep that in mind and you’ll be right on track for this trend. Think a smudged out smoky eye but opt for greys and browns to keep it modern (leave the black smoky eye to last year). It’s a look that’s perfect, well if you’re not so ‘perfect’ at doing eye makeup because the smokier the better! 

Eyes: Anastasia Beverly Hills- Amrezy palette | Lips: MAC (for full details see Instagram profile: 

So this Autumn/ Winter pick your trend, wear it your way and don't forget to wrap up warm! 

Stay beautiful, stay you!

Humayra xxx

Thursday, 12 November 2015

How do you find motivation once you've lost it?

In the freelancing world it’s one of the biggest issues we face: not only do we work for ourselves but the jobs we get and how many clients we book is down to how motivated we feel to go out and get them. Recently I’ve come across a few people in my life who have all brought up the same issue: they don’t feel motivated. A few of my closest friends expressed this to me on many occasions and hear it regularly from colleagues at work. 

It takes hard work and dedication, especially when you have no boss to answer to or an office you have to get to on time! There are no consequences, apart from the fact it’s all down to you. So it’s understandable that from time to time your levels of motivation are going to change. Which is why it brought to my attention: how do you find motivation once you’ve lost it? Personally for me that’s the hardest part. How you do pick yourself back up and get yourself going again?

I definitely have my moments too, everyone does, its normal! But for me it was this time last year where I really struggled and had to push myself harder than ever before. It was the most demotivated I had been. I was 8 months into freelancing and all settled into my part-time job at MAC. I’d had a few freelance jobs but over the course of a few weeks I got lazy and for some reason I lost my inspiration to do anything or move my freelancing business anywhere.

Sometimes there is no reason, sometimes you wake up and you just don’t feel like doing it anymore. But now I realise it was fear. 8 months into everything going well I suddenly realised that this was going to be hard work and that I had so much left to do and so much I wanted to do that I just got overwhelmed and my mind decided it just didn’t want to do it. How weird is that? Sometimes you lose motivation when things aren’t going well but sometimes you lose it when things are going well and you realise you have to keep it all up. It scares you.

The thing with being an entrepreneur and freelancing is that it’s so unpredictable. There isn’t much consistency to it; therefore the need for self-motivation is even greater. I was close to giving it all up. I thought to myself well I can go through all these ups and downs or I could just stop this all right now and settle into a more comfortable job. It would have been much easier right? I wouldn’t have to worry about the fear of success or even the fear of hard work! And most importantly the fear of failure. It was all three of these that got my mind and creativity stuck and come to a stop.

So how did I overcome this fear? How did I remove this massive roadblock and find my motivation again? Well I always say the universe works in funny ways. I was by this point thinking this feeling would never go away, until throughout the course of one week three various people asked me this one question: “Why make-up?”

So I answered their question. And I found that as I answered them the inspiration that I first felt when I started this career started coming back. Answering this question made me realise why I started. So it hit me, you want to find your motivation? Remember why you started in the first place.

What are the reasons that made you want to do a certain something? Whatever ‘that’ is, be it your business, getting fit, writing your own book. Because that right there (if your reason is big enough to you) is your motivation.

My answer to why I started doing makeup? Simply, I wanted to make people feel better about them. I wanted to show them the best version of themselves they could be and help bring that out. That was my purpose, that was my reason and that was my motivation. All it took was for someone to ask me why I decided to do it in the first place.

And yes I do still have moments where I feel like I can’t be bothered but now I’ve learnt to ask myself this one question and it helps remind myself. Through hindsight I realise that if I hadn’t gone through that rough patch I wouldn’t have learnt this. So I would say, allow yourself to feel this way, let it process. Your ‘rough patch’ means you’re going through a change and once you figure it out you will come out better and stronger.

If that doesn’t work? Just picture yourself and what life would be like when you achieve all your dreams- that usually helps :) 

Stay beautiful, stay you,

Humayra xxx
Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The 5 Key Items You Should Carry in Your Make-up Bag


Find out what professional make-up artists carry in their bags

A lot of the time I get asked what I think are the most important items women need in their make-up bags. What the key essentials are for a day to day look for women who are usually on the go. Let's face it we don't always have the time to do a full face of makeup to absolute perfection (including myself!) but today I'm going to get personal and share with you what myself and most professional makeup artists carry with them on an everyday basis. For a natural, more radiant version of ourselves and for touch-ups during the day.
Here are my 5 key essential items:

1) Highlighter pen - these do wonders! I usually use mine under the eyes to make them look more fresh and awake. They brighten dark circles and you can usually use these over or under your concealer/foundation making them perfect for touch-ups when you need a little 'wake-me-up'. I use the MAC prep and prime highlighter pen which I love. These come in 4 different shades so pop over to your nearest store and ask one of the artists who can help pick out the right one for you.
2) Concealer- a really good concealer can mean that sometimes you don't need foundation. It's not meant to be applied all over the face but on specific areas where you want coverage either on top of your foundation or on its own. Using the concealer on its own means you can achieve a more natural skin look instead of packing on the foundation all over. I suffer from bad breakouts like a lot of women so a concealer is my best friend! What's better is that instead of carrying around your huge foundation bottle for touch ups all you need is a little concealer tube or pot. Try out the MAC Studio Finish concealer which has a full coverage yet is creamy enough to blend easily.

3) Powder- a pressed powder with a mirror is without a doubt an item I carry everywhere. We all get that 3'oclock shine; you know the one where it looks like your face is melting but it looked perfect when you left the house? Yep it happens to us all, but having a little powder compact with a powder puff means you can blot away that shine as well as set the makeup you already have on. (It looks perfect over the concealer tip above) For a natural finish go for a translucent powder, if you want a little coverage go for one that's got a bit of colour and matches your skin tone. My favourite? The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder.

4) Mascara- do I even need to explain this one? I reckon if most women had to pick one product they wouldn't leave the house without it would be this. A good mascara can make the biggest difference to the most inviting part of your face, the eyes. I go for a waterproof one to make sure it doesn't budge and the only one that's managed to lift my lashes and give me volume is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara.
5) A cheek and lip colour - these are great to carry around, a two in one product which adds colour to your cheeks and lips. A natural pink shade is always good for the day and a darker one is suitable to change your look from day to evening. I usually have my Casual Colour from MAC in a coral shade which was limited edition but you can now get thier Cream Colour Bases which work the same way. Other brands which do similar products are the Body Shop and Sleek. I also carry a bright or dark lipstick to change my makeup look in one easy step.
So there you have it, an inside look into what a make-up artist carries around in her bag and what you can use to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long. Just 5 simple products and 5 easy steps :)
If you think you could benefit from finding out more specifically, exactly what products are suitable for you and your skin type/colour then contact me for a private consultation. I will personally go through the perfect products for you and help you to build your own tailor made make-up kit; either in my home studio or in the comfort of your own home.
Better yet if you think your friends would love this then why not share it with them and book a group consulation together (or how I like to call it, a Make-up Party!)

Stay beautiful, stay you!
Humayra x

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Are your dreams worth the risk?

So it’s officially been a year since I decided to step into the world of make-up artistry and start freelancing. Although I’ve actually been doing make-up for a lot longer than this, it was this time last year I made the decision to take it seriously as a career. Hence why I felt this was a good time to release and begin my blog, my journey and “Moods of a Make-up Artist” to you.

I graduated in the summer of 2013 in Business Management and Marketing, all the while thinking that I would be walking into a graduate job with a well-known corporate company. However a little voice in my head always said that I wanted to do more and give more in my career. Make-up was something I always enjoyed doing; ever since my mum walked into her room with me at 2 years old, sitting on her dressing table having ruined all her lipsticks. As I grew up I realised that my hobby could also leave women smiling and feeling good about themselves and I knew that was what I wanted to do as my career. I am now happily freelancing and working for MAC part-time, but to initially actually walk away from job security as well as financial security was incredibly scary. 

We have this idea in society that our success, as people, comes from how secure we are in life whether it’s in our job, our relationships, our finance etc. This is why when something takes us away from that certainty we see it as a massive risk. But what if that exact uncertainty holds our deepest dreams and desires that we want to achieve? Is it worth taking that risk then?

If we were to flip this over maybe the question would be easier: What would happen if you didn’t decide to follow your truest desires? Well you may be totally comfortable exactly where you are. You may have a steady income coming in and a fixed routine which for some people works just fine. And please don’t think I am judging or criticising anyone here, there is nothing wrong with this whatsoever. If what you are doing makes you truly happy and feels right for you then great! However if you’re reading this right now thinking that you don’t want to be comfortable with what you are doing right now; that you don’t want to settle and that if you were look back on these years you would regret not taking a certain chance, then you have your answer. It is worth the risk. 

Creative people more than anyone else will understand the feeling of wanting to do more and not just settle for something because it’s ‘safe’. Let’s face it our passion pulls us to the vision we want to create and if we aren’t following that then it’s almost like our creativity is stifled. We have ideas and an imagination that can’t be tamed and shouldn’t so it only feels natural to give it a go and see what happens.

The risk being that yes it’s scary and yes you will have moments where you think “what the hell am I doing?!” But we also know there’s a chance we can achieve everything and gain everything we’ve ever dreamed of and more. Don’t go ignoring that feeling that there is something more you want to be doing in life, regardless of what job sector it’s in, follow that instinct and you won’t regret it.
There will be moments where things will go wrong, where you will feel like you are failing and that nothing will work. The world of freelancing is full of ups and downs, you don’t know when you’re next job is going to come up and sometimes you end up working for weeks without one day off. I had plenty of these moments in my first year and I’m currently still having them! But you need to keep going. Push through. Nothing worth having will ever be easy. Trust me I tell this to myself all the time because I know the result will be worth it! There will always be a chance of it not working out but as Jim Carrey said: “You could fail at what you don't love, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

And who knows, through all the twists and turns you encounter you might end up doing something you never even thought of. A whole new opportunity might come up which leads you to not just your dreams, but your fate. There will be a moment when it all comes together and you realise why you went through all of this, what the purpose of this journey was.

So what do you say? Let’s give this adventure a go, let’s see where it takes us and just challenge ourselves to see if we can actually do it. Our dreams are definitely worth the risk.
I would love to hear from you so please feel free to comment or even better drop me a message!  

Stay beautiful, stay you!

Humayra x

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hey gorgeous!

Welcome to what I call an account of my journey not only as a make-up artist but someone, who like many people out there, decided to follow their passion for a living.

This blog is for you amazing individuals. For anyone who has a vision and has decided to pursue it, for anyone who wants to build something of their own. For anyone who has chosen to step into the creative industry; make-up artists, freelancers, photographers, bloggers, business owners, creatives and visionaries…  let’s face it, it’s not exactly an easy decision to make and it’s not an  easy journey but I’m writing this knowing that I’m not alone. Which means anything I experience or learn; you can relate to and join me along the way. 

I will of course be writing about make-up: products, reviews, tips and tricks, videos and tutorials which will be coming out soon, so make-up enthusiasts stay tuned! (You may also find a few thoughts on femininity, women empowerment and my love of BeyoncĂ© from time to time). Meaning you can look forward to all this and more right here on ‘Moods of a Make-up Artist’.

So thank you for taking the time to read my very first entry and I hope that you continue reading on and follow me through my adventure. I hope that my experiences, lessons and thoughts will shed some light for somebody (or at least give you a good giggle).

Stay beautiful, stay you!

Humayra x

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